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At East Wisconsin Savings Bank, whether you are building or buying, we have the perfect home loan for you. Contact one of our Member Services Officers today!

East Wisconsin Savings Bank has specialized in home loans since 1887. All decisions are made right here and you'll get fast and friendly local service.

  • Affordable fixed and variable rate loans, low closing costs, & flexible terms

    Discover the member service difference! An affordable Home Loan from East Wisconsin Savings Bank can save you thousands of dollars with low down payments, low closing costs, and a loan process designed to gain equity faster. We save our members lots of money with exceptional banking services, and help them to be well-positioned for that next home purchase or construction.

  • Down Payment Plus program

    This program that provides down payment and closing cost assistance to income-eligible households when they receive mortgage financing through a FHLBC Member. The assistance is in the form of a forgivable grant that is forgiven over a five year period. The maximum grant amount is the lesser of $6,000 or three times the home buyer's net contribution.

  • Special all-in-one Construction Loans

    If you're planning to build a home, our combination construction and end loan can't be beat. This unique single loan process can save you thousands of dollars. It's all one loan from start to finish and has all of the advantages of a hometown home loan.

  • Investment Property Loans

    Loans are available to buy, build, or refinance investment or rental properties.

Are you buying, building, or refinancing? Give one of our experienced Member Services Officers a call.