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Certificates of Deposit

A safe and wise investment opportunity!

Today's volatile economy makes a Certificate of Deposit (CD) a very wise investment. Funds deposited in a CD are not affected by market fluctuations and are guaranteed safe under the guidelines of the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation. We have a complete range of CD's with guaranteed returns in terms ranging from 3 months to 96 months. You won't find a safer investment, as you watch your money grow free from market changes. In addition, your money will be earning a very competitive rate of return. And money invested at East Wisconsin stays right here, financing homes for your family and friends, helping your community grow, and brightening the economic horizon of the entire Fox Valley.

Ask about our CD Specials. You'll get a great return on your money and experience the real value of a member-owned. hometown bank.

Build a Wonderful Life with a CD from East Wisconsin Savings Bank.

For more information about opening a CD, call or stop in and see a Member Relations Representative, or use our convenient contact us page.

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