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  • Is this Adulting? Credit Card Tips
    As you make progress into Adulting, sooner or later you are going to consider getting your first credit card…actually, you’ve probably been flooded with offers since the day you turned eighteen! In this episode, Katie and Shannon share some life lessons about choosing your first credit card, using it to build a foundation for future large purchases, and some pitfalls to definitely avoid!
  • Mortgage Financing After Bankruptcy
    If you have filed for bankruptcy or are planning to do so in the near future, you may be wondering how it will affect your future ability to get a mortgage. Barry is here today to give you some general guidelines on how bankruptcy is treated under different types of mortgage loans, and how we look at it here at East Wisconsin Savings Bank.
  • Is this Adulting? 52 Week Savings Challenge
    With the coming new year, many of us are making resolutions about ways to improve our lives. If saving money more effectively is one of your goals, you can join Katie and Shannon as they embark on their 52-week savings challenge!
  • Paying off Holiday Bills
    Santa has now come and gone, but what’s arriving next? For many of us, it’s the credit card bills for the holiday spending we did in November and December. If you aren’t able to pay them off during the grace period, Barry has some suggestions that can help you avoid a holiday debt hangover.
  • Simple Bonus at East Wisconsin Savings Bank
    Charlie joins Lisa and Millaine to talk about the Simple Bonus at East Wisconsin Savings Bank. Contact any of our branches for full detail on how to receive a $200 bonus when opening a new, qualifying checking account.


  • Safely Using Money Transfer Services
    By paying attention to details, you can take advantage of the convenience offered by money transfer apps.
  • It's Still a Good Time to Become Financially Fit
    We’re now a few weeks into the new are you doing on your financial New Year’s Resolutions? If you're not as on track as you would like, don’t despair. It’s not too late to adopt some new financial habits.
  • How to Develop a Financial Plan
    You can take charge of your finances and your life by setting financial goals, planning a budget, and sticking to it.
  • Building an Emergency Fund
    Building an emergency fund is an important step in reducing financial stress for many households. Here are a couple of strategies to successfully accomplish this.
  • Time to Take a New Look at Your Money Habits
    The New Year holiday creates a feeling of starting fresh and inspires us to set new goals. While diets come to mind, setting new financial goals should be on the top of our lists.
  • Saving for the Future: Questions to Consider Now
    Finding money to add to your savings account can seem difficult, but there are some strategies that can make it easier. Start by asking yourself these questions.


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