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Below you will find some of our recently published news and information. For even more helpful material, you can browse our complete library of videos, articles, and eNewsletters.


  • Tips for Banking at a Distance
    With access to our lobbies temporarily restricted, you may not be aware of the alternatives we offer for processing your banking transactions. Barry is here to demonstrate just a few of them for you today.
  • Remote Banking at EWSB - Mortgages
    With each passing moment, it seems like more stringent restrictions are being recommended to limit face-to-face contact with other people. So, how does one continue to do business in this type of environment? In this video, Barry describes two ways you can apply for a mortgage or refinance without ever leaving your home. We love working with you in person, but right now we all need to do our part in keeping everyone safe and healthy.
  • Barry Explains the Volatile Rate Situation
    You probably heard that the Federal Reserve made another emergency cut to interest rates over the weekend. Listen in as Barry explains what this could mean for you and what action should you take in order to benefit.
  • Mortgage Refinancing - Real Success Stories
    Barry is fired up to save you money! Today he is here to tell you about his latest three success stories…3 existing mortgages, 3 homes refinanced at today's low rates, 3 families who lowered their monthly payments, shortened the terms of their loans, and will be saving THOUSANDS over the life of their mortgage! Contact Barry today to see if the numbers make sense for you!!
  • Mortgage Interest Rates are Low!
    What's got Barry all worked up today? Interest rates have fallen again! If you want to shorten the term of your loan, get rid of mortgage insurance, or lower your payment, now may be the perfect time. Call us today to see if we can help you save money on your mortgage!
  • Mortgages and Downpayment Plus
    In this segment from Local 5 Live, Charlie joins Lisa and Millaine to discuss mortgages and the Downpayment Plus program offered by East Wisconsin Savings Bank through the Federal Home Loan Bank. Find out if you qualify to receive a grant of up to $6,000 to use toward a down payment on your new home, and call one of our offices to set up an appointment with a mortgage lender today!


  • Thwart Ransomware Attacks
    Ransomware poses great risks to individual computers or laptops, enterprise networks and or servers used by government agencies, financial institutions and healthcare providers.
  • Fixing Mistakes on Your Credit Report
    If you have been following our credit series over the past few weeks, you have gotten your credit report and learned how to read it. What happens if you see errors?
  • Reading Your Credit Report
    Now that you have your credit report, you may have questions on what some of the information means. Here’s a good place to start.
  • Getting Your Credit Report
    Last week we discussed some of the things your credit history is used for and why it matters. Now, it’s time to get your credit in order.
  • Why Does Your Credit Matter?
    To help you get a handle on credit, we’ve put together a four-part series on the topic
  • America Saves Week: Top Savings Ideas
    In recognition of America Saves Week, we've compiled a list of our top money saving ideas.


  • February, 2020
    Local 5 Live: Your Financial Experts; Don't Leave Your Retirement to Chance; Why Payday Loans Aren't Worth the Hassle; February 2020 Jeans Day Fundraiser; Staff Changes; 3 Ways to Make Your Car Last Longer.
  • January, 2020
    Make Your Loan Payments Online!; Member Services Officers Now Also in Grand Chute and Kimberly; Lower Your Borrowing Costs; Are Extended Warranties a Good Idea?; What is a Good Amount for an Emergency Fund?
  • December, 2019
    Meet our Member Services Officers - Barry Wood; Bilingual Member Relations Reps Available; How Do Mobile Check Deposits Work?; 2019 Employee Giving Program; How to Give Back to Your Community in the New Year.
  • November, 2019
    Verifying Your Identity When You Call Us; Meet Our Member Services Officers - Scott Lasee; Health Savings Accounts; Ask the Underwriter; Smart Spending in the Holiday Season; Volunteer Ideas for the Holidays.
  • October, 2019
    Christmas Club Savings Accounts; Meet our Member Services Officers - Lisa Verhagen; Ask the Underwriter; Holiday Giving Opportunities; Financial Tips for Going Back to School;
  • September, 2019
    Meet our Member Services Officers - Nikos Efthimiou; Ask the Underwriter; Staff Training Day; Dining Out on a Budget; Should You Take an At-Home Genetic Test?