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Your Security

The promise we make to each of our members is to help you Build a 'Wonderful Life' with proven financial solutions and personal attention. We highly value the banking relationship you have with East Wisconsin Savings Bank. One of our highest priorities is to maintain a relationship of trust by helping protect your security.

At East Wisconsin Savings Bank, we take security very seriously. There continues to be an ever increasing level of fraudulent activity directed against consumers. Therefore, we feel it's important for our members to be educated on the various scams taking place, and also have knowledge of the steps you would need to take if you are the victim of one of these crimes.

A Bank Customer's Guide to Cybersecurity
FDIC Consumer News Special Edition, Winter 2016
What consumers can do, and what bank regulators are doing, to help prevent online fraud and theft.

What to Do if You are a Victim of Cybercrime
Tips on reporting and recovering from several different types of cybercrime.

Top Tech Travel Tips
Be cyber-safe while away from home by following some simple practices to help keep your devices safe.

Digital New Year's Resolution to Keep Your Systems Up to Date
When you receive an update notification from your device manufacturer or operating system vendor, verify the source and apply the update.

Online Safety Tips for Older Adults
Just as you fasten your seat belt before driving, take precautions before using the Internet.

Privacy Tips for Teens
Think about the consequences of your actions and connect knowing you are protecting yourself from any unpleasant surprises.

Privacy Tips for Using Public Computers and Wireless Networks
It's important to remember good online safety habits when using computers and wireless networks in libraries, coffee shops, and other public locations.

Ransomware Facts & Tips
Protect yourself and your organization against ransomware by following these online safety tips.

Stay Safe from Cybercrime During Tax Time
The IRS has seen a surge in scams directed at consumers. Protect yourself against tax-related identity theft to keep your tax return (and refund!) safer and more secure.

Rethink Cyber Safety Rules and the "Tech Talk" with Your Teens
Tips to help both parents and teens learn how to better recognize and resist online hazards.

Top Online "Take-Action Tips" to Help Keep You Safe and Secure
Take a few minutes to tend to your digital life and safeguard your personal information.

When Planning Your Wedding, Say "I Do" to Cyber Safety
With the whirlwind of emotions leading up to your wedding date, here are some tips to ensure this special time in your life is safe and secure.