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Is this Adulting?

Join Katie and Shannon as they tackle the big financial questions they face as they strike out on their own! "Is this Adulting?" is sponsored by East Wisconsin Savings Bank.

Financial Uh-ohsNEW!
In this episode of "Is this Adulting?" Katie and Shannon share some debit card "don'ts" and a few budgeting tips. They even throw in some special bonus wisdom about shoe shopping! And make sure to tune in next time to hear about Shannon's 52 Week Savings Challenge, and how you can participate.

FDIC Insurance
Banks are safe and stable places to store your money. Much safer than under your mattress or in your freezer (Katie!!). Tune in today while Shannon explains a bit about the FDIC and what it means for the average bank account holder.

How Banks Work
Have you ever wondered exactly how banks work? Today, Katie and Shannon join us with a brief explanation of what happens when you deposit your money in your bank account. (Hint: No matter what you've seen on TV, there are not piles of gold, currency, and coins sitting in your local bank's vault!)

Donating Safely Online
Inspired by the relief efforts following the devastation caused by Hurricane Dorian, today Katie and Shannon talk about donating online and how to be generous while keeping your financial and other personal information safe.

Vacay Saving Hacks
In this week’s Is this Adulting? In this episode of "Is This Adulting?" Shannon and Katie are live and in-person on vacation on Long Beach Island, New Jersey! Join them as they share their best tips for saving money on vacation!

Travel Tips
In this week’s Is this Adulting? Katie and Shannon focus on ways to save money while traveling…a timely topic for them as they prepare for their upcoming trip to the Bahamas!

Ways to Save
One of the biggest aspects of "adulting" is finding a way to save that fits your lifestyle, personality, and paycheck! Tune in while Katie and Shannon brainstorm some ways to cut back expenses in order to actually have money to save, and then how they track it to avoid mindlessly spending it once they have it.

Birthday Bankrupt!
Almost everyone loves birthdays – whether they are your own or those of a friend. But birthday celebrations can also lead to over-spending. Join Shannon and Katie as they discuss Katie’s recent birthday (Happy 24th Katie!), and some ideas for celebrating your special day without blowing your bank account.

Shannon teaches Katie all about Billpay!
Today Katie learns a lesson about credit card interest (BTW - it applies to EVERYONE!), and Shannon informs her of all the advantages of Billpay! Just a few of the topics they cover: No transaction fees, no postage costs (and no walking your payment to the leasing office!), no more setting multiple monthly calendar reminders to pay your bills, and more!

Meet Katie and Shannon
In their first episode, Katie and Shannon introduce themselves and talk taxes, vacations, and big-ticket money items.


Learn a Little More about East Wisconsin Savings Bank

What Makes East Wisconsin Savings Bank Different?
Everyone says they're different. Being founded in 1887 is just one thing that separates us from all the other financial institutions around. Find out more!

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All Stages of Life (Audio only)


WLUK Fox 11 – Living with Amy

Charlie and Amy discuss Health Savings Accounts.NEW!
For many of us, this time of the year is open enrollment for health insurance. Charlie joins Amy to talk about the valuable benefits a Health Savings Account (HSA) can provide if you choose a high-deductible health plan.
East Wisconsin Savings Bank - Member FDIC

Charlie & Amy discuss Cybersecurity.
October is National Cybersecurity Awareness Month, and today Charlie joins Amy to discuss some of the scams you may encounter and how to protect yourself from becoming a victim.

Charlie & Scott: Fall is a time for change.
The kids are back in school, the weather is getting cooler… all kinds of changes are happening with the approach of Fall. Charlie and Scott dropped by the FOX 11 studios this week to discuss the reasons why Fall may also be the perfect time to make some financial changes! Whether you are thinking of buying a new home, refinancing your existing home, or even upgrading your car, boat, motorcycle, or other toy, check out this episode of Living with Amy to discover the advantages of working with someone local.
Scott Lasee, NMLS #488713
East Wisconsin Savings Bank, FDIC Insured, Equal Housing Lender (NMLS #447029).

Charlie & Jacki talk financial services for new graduates on Living With Amy!
Charlie & Jacki discuss all the financial services a new graduate might need — bill pay, our mobile app, POP Money, even setting a parent up as a POA (power of attorney) to help from home!

Debi discusses Power of Community week on Living With Amy!
Debi stopped by the Fox 11 studio to visit with Amy Hanten on the Living with Amy show on Tuesday, April 23rd! They talked about the Power of Community Week – and threw in a little information about ClickSWITCH!

Charlie & Scott on Living with Amy
Charlie and Scott stopped by the Living with Amy show on WLUK Fox 11 to talk about East Wisconsin Savings Bank, our lending options, and tell everyone about our upcoming free 1st Time Homebuyers Seminars!


Local 5 Live – Your Local Banking Experts

Cybersecurity Month: Don't be a victim!NEW!
Your phone rings, and the voice on the other end says your grandson is in jail and needs bail money. Or maybe he's been injured in an accident and the hospital is demanding payment before they will treat him. Or you're being told that a warrant has been issued to arrest for unpaid taxes, and you are going to jail unless you immediately provide your banking details. This month, in honor of National Cybersecurity Awareness Month, Charlie joins the Local 5 Live team to discuss how to protect yourself from becoming a victim of one of the latest online or telephone scams.

Charlie and Nikos, 9/18/19.
Interest rates have been in the news a lot lately, and you may be wondering how this could affect you if you are thinking of making a large purchase (home, vehicle, RV) or taking out a home equity loan or line of credit. Nikos and Charlie join Lisa and Millaine today on Local 5 Live to discuss the many available financing options, and how to get started down the road to fulfilling your dreams.
Nikos Efthimiou, NMLS #456127
East Wisconsin Savings Bank is an Equal Housing Lender. (NMLS #447029)

Patty & Nikos discuss blanket mortgages.
You may have heard of a "blanket mortgage" before but do you know exactly what it is? Patty and Nikos stopped by Local 5 Live today to talk to Lisa and Millaine about this convenient lending option.
Nikos Etfhimiou NMLS #456127.
East Wisconsin Savings Bank NMLS #447029 is an Equal Housing Lender.

Charlie & Jacki talk finances for students!
Do you have a student in your life? We've got all the financial products and services to help your student, whether at home or away! Start planning now!

Debi – Power of Community Week, April 22, 2019
Debi talked about Power of Community week with Lisa & Millaine on Local 5 Live!! She shared the history of this special week, as well as some of our plans for the week!

Charlie and Scott, March 26, 2019
Charlie & Scott discussed buying your first home and many ways East Wisconsin Savings Bank can help you! From our upcoming first-time homebuyers seminars, the down payment plus program, our single-close construction loans, and more, we are there to help with your entire home-buying process!

Charlie and Jacki, February 21, 2019
Charlie & Jacki discussed how you can have your entire bank in the palm of your hand! With our mobile app, you can pay bills, deposit checks, transfer money, send money to someone else, view your statements – and so much more!

Charlie, January 22, 2019
Charlie talks government shutdown, loans and how our employees show up for their community in this appearance on Local 5 Live!

Charlie and Jacki, December, 2018
Charlie and Jacki visited Local 5 Live in December 2018 to talk about HSAs!

Charlie and Kory, October 26, 2018
Charlie & Kory stopped by the WFRV studios to introduce the bank to hosts Lisa Malak & Millaine Wells, and talk about what makes us different from other financial institutions in our area! We're your Local Banking Experts!


Let Us Be Your Financial Experts!

Info from Barry Regarding Mortgage Pre-approvalsNEW!
A mortgage pre-approval is a good idea when you are beginning your search for a new home. It can help you understand how much house you can afford, makes you more attractive to sellers, and may alert you to any potential problems that will affect your ability to get a loan. Today, Barry outlines how quick, easy, and straightforward the pre-approval process is here at East Wisconsin Savings Bank.
Barry Wood, NMLS #270989
East Wisconsin Savings Bank is an Equal Housing Lender (NMLS #447029).

Financing a Condo or Duplex? Barry has some tips for you!
If you are considering the purchase of a condo or duplex, you will discover that the interest rate you will pay on your mortgage is higher than you can get on a single-family residence. Barry comes to your rescue with an East Wisconsin loan that could be exactly what you need to save money on your duplex or condominium purchase!
Barry Wood, NMLS #270989
East Wisconsin Savings Bank is an Equal Housing Lender (NMLS #447029).

Barry Wood - Tip for Saving Money on Your Mortgage
Barry is back today with a quick tip on saving money on your mortgage. If you are thinking about buying or refinancing, you will definitely want to see this!
Barry Wood, NMLS #270989
East Wisconsin Savings Bank is an Equal Housing Lender (NMLS #447029).

Barry and Scott discuss lending options for 2nd homes
Today Barry and Scott address several misconceptions about loans for second homes. Worried about down payments, interest rates, terms, or other hassles? Scott and Barry have answers, and you may be surprised at the creative options available to you!
NMLS # 487713 (Scott) and 270989 (Barry).
EWSB is an Equal Housing Lender

Home Loan Pre-Approval Process
Scott describes the home loan pre-approval process, as well as gives you some basic information about our construction loans and the Downpayment Plus program.

Debit and Credit Card Safety
Learn how to keep your debit and credit card information safe, as well as how to stay safe at an ATM.

Construction Loans are Different at EWSB!
Find out what makes our construction loans different – and easier for you!

Home Equity Loan Information
Learn how your home can work for you!

Home Loan Pre-Approval Process
Learn how to get pre-approved for a home loan - which will speed up your buying adventure! Watch Builders Showcase Fox Cities on WGBA NBC-26 on Sunday mornings at 9 AM, 7:30 AM on WACY and Saturdays at 4:30 AM on WGBA NBC -26. The show will also stream weekly on Facebook Live, YouTube Live Streaming and 24/7 at Builders-Showcase.com.

Learn More about IRAs with Heather!
Heather teaches you all about IRAs, and how they can help you prepare for retirement!


TV Commercials

What's Your Wonderful? – part 3
Let us help you Build a Wonderful Life - no matter what your "wonderful" looks like! New home? Planning for retirement? Dream vacation? New car? Child's education? We can help!

What's Your Wonderful? – part 2
"Wonderful""is different to all of us. What's YOUR wonderful? We can help you with your Wonderful Life! Give us a call!

What's Your Wonderful?
Let us help you Build a Wonderful Life - no matter what your "wonderful" looks like! New home? Planning for retirement? Dream vacation? New car? Child's education? We can help!

Build a Wonderful Life with Your Dream Home
Since 1887 East Wisconsin Savings Bank has been helping people of the Fox Valley own their dream home. Let us help you Build a Wonderful Life!

Shhhh... the Secret is Out!
Let us help you with any of your financial needs! From owning a home, to getting a new car - we can help!

Builders Showcase Commercial
Builders Showcase Fox Cities airs on WGBA NBC-26 on Sunday mornings at 9 AM, 7:30 AM on WACY and Saturdays at 4:30 AM on WGBA NBC -26. The show will also stream weekly on Facebook Live, YouTube Live Streaming and 24/7 at Builders-Showcase.com.


Digital Commercials - Let's Have Fun!

Scott's Famous!
Scott has been in so many of our commercials and vlogs – people are asking for his autograph! Stop in or call to meet Scott yourself!

Stephanie has Popcorn!
Stop in the Kaukauna location for some popcorn whenever you need to take care of your banking needs!

Nikos Can Help with Your Lending Needs!
Everyone knows Nikos! And Nikos knows lending!

Nicole is Back with the Appleton Team!
Stop in the Appleton branch to grab some popcorn and say hi to the team!

Go Papermakers!
Melissa and the Kimberly team support the Papermakers! Stop in to grab some popcorn and show your Kimberly pride!

We've Aged Well!
Over 130 years old?! How can that be? Stop by our Freedom office to meet Lynn and her team!

Lisa is Now a Lender!
Lisa made a big move from deposits to lending! Give her a call for any of your lending needs!

Kim and the Grand Chute Team Add Sparkle to Your Day!
Stop by Grand Chute to add some sparkle to any of your banking needs!

Heather Moved!
Stop in and see Heather and the gang in Little Chute!

East Wisconsin - Where's Deb?
Deb can help you with any of your lending needs! Giver her a call!


Radio Commercials

New Home for Your Growing Family

Gourmet Kitchen or 3-Car Garage

Connected Banking

Home Loan Pre-Approval

The Look is Unmistakable

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