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Mission and Vision

Our Mission

Since 1887, East Wisconsin Savings Bank has remained committed to our original mission statement:

To afford our members a safe and profitable investment of their savings and to aid them in acquiring homesteads and other property.

For over 130 years, we have been a local, member owned, savings bank dedicated to helping Fox Valley people with their financial needs.

Our Vision

  • To create an amazing and memorable experience for every member, every time they come in contact with an East Wisconsin Savings Bank employee.
  • To do this at a level that causes the members to rave to others about the experience.
  • To make employees a priority by creating a fun and enthusiastic environment in the offices that fosters a commitment to this type of service.
  • To build and strengthen our relationship with the members by developing a financial partnership based on trust and respect.

This will result in increased product penetration and member loyalty.