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In the Media

Welcome to East Wisconsin Savings Bank's Media Center, where you can find news, announcements, and other resources related to our products, services, and community.

Is this Adulting?

Join Katie and Shannon as they tackle the big financial questions they face as they strike out on their own! Is this Adulting? is sponsored by East Wisconsin Savings Bank.

Is this Adulting?Join Katie and Shannon as they discuss the Coronavirus Aid, Relief and Economic Security (CARES) Act and warn us about the scammers who use many tactics to try to trick us into giving out personal information or sending money to fake organizations.

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Your Financial Experts

East Wisconsin staff weigh in on a variety of financial topics, from mortgages to debit and credit card safety, and more.

Barry's Words of WoodsdomBuying your first home can be overwhelming, but East Wisconsin Savings Bank is here to help you make that experience less stressful.

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Media Appearances

Local news programs often invite our EWSB staff to discuss current topics or financial industry news.

#SmilesAreContagiousCharlie recently made a "virtual' appearance on Local 5 Live to discuss East Wisconsin Savings Bank’s #SmilesAreContagious program, along with a few other timely topics. Check it out!

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