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In the Media

Welcome to East Wisconsin Savings Bank's Media Center, where you can find news, announcements, and other resources related to our products, services, and community.

Is this Adulting?

Join Katie and Shannon as they tackle the big financial questions they face as they strike out on their own! Is this Adulting? is sponsored by East Wisconsin Savings Bank.

Is this Adulting?As you make progress into Adulting, sooner or later  you are going to consider getting your first credit card…actually, you’ve probably been flooded with offers since the day you turned eighteen! In this episode, Katie and Shannon share some life lessons about choosing your first credit card, using it to build a foundation for future large purchases, and some pitfalls to definitely avoid!

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Your Financial Experts

East Wisconsin staff weigh in on a variety of financial topics, from mortgages to debit and credit card safety, and more.

Barry's Words of WoodsdomIf you have filed for bankruptcy or are planning to do so in the near future, you may be wondering how it will affect your future ability to get a mortgage. Barry is here today to give you some general guidelines on how bankruptcy is treated under different types of mortgage loans, and how we look at it here at East Wisconsin Savings Bank..

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Media Appearances

Local news programs often invite our EWSB staff to discuss current topics or financial industry news.

The Simple Bonus at East Wisconsin Savings BankCharlie joins Lisa and Millaine to talk about the Simple Bonus at East Wisconsin Savings Bank. Contact any of our branches for full detail on how to receive a $200 bonus when opening a new, qualifying checking account.

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